Protect your property with a Boundary Survey

So, you’ve just been told you need to hire a land surveyor. Maybe you are building an addition to your property and your architect said you needed a land survey. Maybe you are in a boundary dispute with your neighbor and your lawyer told you to call a surveyor. Choosing the right surveyor for the job may seem like a daunting task especially if you don’t know what a surveyor does or what, exactly, a boundary survey even is. And, just picking the lowest bid could set you up for trouble down the road, especially if your property line is in dispute. (See why a boundary survey should not cost less than $500.)

How a boundary survey works.

Before a survey crew steps foot on your property, a surveyor will conduct extensive research to find existing legal documents affecting the title of your property, the recorded maps and documents that created your property, and survey markers in the vicinity of your property.

The field survey is conducted by a crew made up of professionals who are educated in measurement and advanced math and who need to make complex calculations using sophisticated equipment.

Once the survey is complete, a complex analysis of the field work is performed to ensure the quality of the data. A licensed land surveyor needs to check (and double check) every point before the map can be stamped and submitted to be recorded as a legal document.

Why hire a Professional Land Surveyor?

A boundary survey will help protect the value of your home.

At the end of the day, it’s all about quality, service and value. If your property is valued at $700,000. A professional boundary survey that will result in a legal document describing (and protecting) the boundary of your property will generally cost less than 1% of the value of your asset. Your property, and peace of mind, are worth it.

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